About us

The Vegan Approach supports individuals to go vegan, stay vegan and to live a healthy vegan life. We believe this lifestyle is the only compassionate and sustainable choice for people, animals and the environment. Our aim is to increase the number of vegans, and ensure people have the information they need to maintain a healthy and happy vegan lifestyle.

To achieve these aims we have devised our 6 steps to going vegan programme. You can access this easy to follow guide via our website, short film or by attending a talk at an event around the country. In addition, we now offer the Vegan Approach to nutrition talk, which outlines the information you need to follow a healthy plant-based diet.

How it started

Two passionate and long term vegans, Chrissy Leyland and Kelly Slade founded the Vegan Approach.  Having organised several successful vegan food fairs we realised that most visitors loved the food but this didn’t always mean they went vegan.  So we devised the London Vegan Pledge in 2008.  This provided a comprehensive programme to support the transition to a vegan lifestyle, and most of the participants stayed vegan after the event.

To bring our successful programme to more people, we founded the Vegan Approach in 2012.  Kelly has now moved on, but Chrissy is joined by Liz Readle and Rob Masterson.  Together we devised our 6 steps to going vegan talk, which we deliver at events around the country. 

If you would like us to present a talk or to show our video at your event, please email us info@theveganapproach.co.uk

Chrissy Leyland

I went vegan when I was 15. I’d given up eating meat two years earlier, but realised I was still contributing to animal suffering by consuming dairy and eggs. Continually made pregnant to produce milk, dairy cows are separated from their calves at birth. Males are shot or reared for veal. I didn’t want to contribute to this cruelty, but going vegan seemed like a big step for a teenager in the 1980’s. So I decided to try vegan for a month. Having this goal made it seem more achievable.

This turned out to be pretty easy and over 30 years later I’m still vegan. After many years campaigning, I co-founded the Vegan Approach. My aim is to support others to go vegan, for animals, the planet and human health.

I currently live in West Yorkshire. I love cooking for my vegan family, and introducing plant-based food to others. Working in vegan cafes and catering at events has given me a good knowledge of the amazing range of vegan options available.

Liz Readle

I was brought up on a small farm and this eventually led me to become a vegetarian when I was 19. However it took me another 31 years before I went vegan. I closed my eyes to the cruelty involved in dairy and egg production, thinking that it was too difficult to become a vegan. How wrong I was!

I’ve now been vegan since 2005 but, like so many others, wish I’d done it sooner. During my transition to veganism I did a lot of research into what constituted a well planned vegan diet. This inspired my current passion for vegan nutrition. I have a University certificate in plant-based nutrition, am a member of Plant Based Health Professionals and keep up to date with the evidence surrounding vegan nutrition. The benefits of a whole food plant based diet are becoming known to the wider population. Many omnivores are very receptive to health messages about plant – based food according to recent research.

I also live in West Yorkshire and am involved in my local group 3 Valley Vegans. I deliver our 6 steps to going vegan and Vegan Approach to nutrition talks at events in the north. I’m the first person to contact to arrange a Vegan Approach talk.

Rob Masterson

I went vegan overnight in February 2013 after being vegetarian for a number of years. My transition to this lifestyle was motivated after seeing a film screening of Peaceable Kingdom at my local vegan group.

Health and fitness are of particular interest to me and I’m a keen amateur cyclist. I enjoy cycling with vegan and non-vegan friends, and demonstrating how veganism can improve athletic abilities. This is a great form of activism!

Originally, I lived in the West Midlands but now live in Devon. I travel on business around the UK and for pleasure around the world. I’m passionate about sharing how easy it is to eat vegan on the go. I share my dining experiences wherever I am on Facebook and Instagram.

I am also involved in my local group, Exeter Friends for Animals (EFFA). My involvement ranges from website and social media support to helping at our regular Exeter Vegan Market.

As I now live in the south of the UK, I deliver the 6 steps to going vegan talks in this region, in London and as far away as the Midlands.