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6. Think about friends and family

The number of vegans is increasing all the time, but we’re still in the minority, so family and friends will probably be interested in your diet. Most people will simply be curious but there may be times when people may have difficulty accepting your choice. Here’s a few survival tips!

  • Keep calm, put forward your case for veganism and be a great role model.  Remember that it’s not personal – most people have been brought up to believe eating animals is normal.
  • Do some research so you know your stuff.  Having a few facts about animal farming, the environment and vegan nutrition can be really useful when the inevitable questions about where vegans get their protein from come up.
  • Sharing food – especially vegan cake – is a great way to win people over and show that you are not on a diet of self-denial!
  • Give it time, you’ll probably get more questions when you first go vegan, once those around you see that you are happy with it, they will accept it and might even join you!

Get support

Connect with other vegans at your local group, online group or at Vegan Festivals, to avoid feeling isolated and become part of our amazing vegan community.

Getting support with your transition can help. The Vegan Society, Veganuary and Viva all have free 30 day pledges where you can sign up for email support, or download the Vegan Society app VE guide. Animal Aid have a free Go Vegan pack.

The Vegan Guide is a fantastic book for only £5, explaining everything you need to embrace the world’s fastest growing way of life. The guide includes a chapter on Vegan Parenting; for more information on this subject visit the Vegan Family Guide and The Vegan Society

So that’s our final tip – but for more hacks on staying vegan watch this short talk from Chris at Sacred Space Animal Sanctuary and Rescue. We hope you’ve found this useful and good luck on your vegan journey.