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5. Veganise your life

Veganism isn’t just about food, so once you’ve got a plant-based diet sussed, think about following a vegan lifestyle.

Cosmetics and household

Leaping bunny logo

Cosmetics and household goods can contain animal products, and are sometimes tested on animals. Check for the leaping bunny logo to show that they are not animal tested. Products with this label may still contain animal products, so check they are also labelled suitable for vegans.

There are now a wide range of vegan cruelty-free cosmetics and household goods available in the UK from national stores such as the Co-op, Superdrug, Lush and Sainsburys. There are also many specialist vegan companies.

Search for cruelty-free companies on Peta’s website.


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Medicines are also tested on animals, in cruel and unnecessary experiments, so support Animal Free Research instead of the charities which fund animal testing. Animal Aid’s Victims of Charity provides a comprehensive list of these.


Clothing and shoes are sometimes made from animals including fur, leather, silk, wool and feathers. Leather and wool are often considered to be a by-product of the meat industry, whereas in reality these industries enable the killing and rearing of animals to remain profitable.

Some new vegans continue wearing non vegan items they already own, others donate them to charity shops. Whatever you choose the important thing is to replace them with vegan alternatives. You can find vegan footwear in many high street shops and online retailers. There are also specialist vegan footwear and clothing companies.


Day’z at Pigs in the Wood

Animals are also exploited in the name of “entertainment” for example in zoos, circuses and petting farms. A visit to your local animal sanctuary makes a great alternative and gives much needed funds for the animals in their care. Watch this video to see how much Joey Carbstrong enjoyed his visit to Pigs in the Wood. To find out more about animals in entertainment visit Freedom for Animals.

You’re nearly there now, but we have one last step. Living in a non vegan world is often the biggest challenge for vegans, so read on for tips on dealing with family and friends.