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4. Find vegan friendly restaurants

Now you’re all set to be vegan at home, but you might be thinking what about eating out – isn’t that really difficult as a vegan?  We have some good news – this is getting easier all the time! As well as a growing number of 100% vegan restaurants, many chain pubs and restaurants such as pizza places have a vegan menu – you might need to ask for this when you arrive, and you can usually check the menus online too.

Indian, Thai, Italian and Middle Eastern places often have vegan options, even if they are not labelled on the menu they can often cater for you, phone up in advance if you can or ask when there. Soya and other plant based milks are widely available in cafes.

The Veganuary eating out guide has further information including a list of chains with vegan options.

Happy Cow is a great app and website for finding vegan eateries, shops and places to stay in the UK, and internationally, so great for holiday planning too. The Nomadic Vegan has more excellent travelling tips and the Vegan Society passport, available as a book or app, explains our diet in multiple languages.

Much as we love talking about food, it’s time to change topic, because veganism is about more than food. Read on for tips on following a vegan lifestyle.