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June 2019

Cottage pie

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Ingredients 4oz (110g) adzuki beans soaked overnight 1 tbsp oil 1 onion, chopped 1 clove garlic, crushed 8 oz (225g) carrots, diced 2 tbsp soy… Read More »Cottage pie

White sauce

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This lovely white sauce is cheap to make, and healthy using nutritional yeast flakes (nooch) instead of cheese. Use it to make macaroni cheese or… Read More »White sauce


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One thing I love about being vegan is that cutting out animal products opens up lots of new food choices, and for most of us… Read More »Lasagna

Vegan Baking

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Many people consider milk, butter and eggs to be baking essentials. So you may be surprised to discover that vegan cakes are easy to make… Read More »Vegan Baking