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1. Find your motivation

The first and perhaps most important step in your vegan journey is to find your motivation.  Knowing the many benefits of going vegan – for animals, the environment and your health will help you to stay on track.

You might feel there are some barriers to going vegan – perhaps you are concerned about eating out, missing your favourite foods or eating a balanced diet.  The good news is, with a small amount of planning, being vegan is easy, healthy and doesn’t have to be expensive.

What’s more going vegan prevents the exploitation and abuse of hundreds of farmed animals, who live short, brutal lives ending in slaughter.  Being vegan can also cut your carbon footprint in half and may reduce your risk of suffering diet-related illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and certain types of cancer. Having to spend a few extra minutes reading labels seems a small price to pay for all these benefits! 


Watch one of these excellent documentaries for more compelling reasons to ditch animal products.

Why Vegan: Six Simple Reasons To Give Veganism a Try (online talk)

Land of Hope and Glory




Forks over Knives

What the Health

The Game Changers

Ready to go vegan now? Here’s how!

There’s more than one way to go vegan, so choose a way which works for you. You could, for example, try vegan for a month with support from the Vegan Society or Veganuary or you may prefer to go vegan gradually: first breakfast, then lunch, then dinner and finally eating out.  

Continue reading to step two, Decide what to eat, because we’ve got lots of tips to help you along the way!